Digital Marketing, the term is becoming more and more popular day by day, as  it is a part of must do marketing activity in the modern era, and in order to really cash in on it big time, we need to focus on these digital marketing trends.

Here are the top 5 trends that we need to follow in order to keep ourselves away from the crowd and make ourselves all the more visible, than ever before.

Marketing on the basis of Location: With a drastic increase in the number of Smart Phone users and especially the technology of GPS within it, has increased the requirement for location based marketing. It helps you to deliver, tailor made multimedia content to the geographical location straight to the potential customer’s mobile device. Social apps such as,, Path and Foursquare are already helping us to market ourselves location wise

Marketing, using Social Media Diversification: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are not only the platforms as far as Social Media Marketing is concerned. Though these are the most popular, but networks such as Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram have grown to a large extent and has entered as a must activity in the social media marketing department. 93 percent of marketers have considered, social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy in the year 2013, and is supposed to increase significantly in 2014. The number of visitors to these social networks has been continuously increasing, as a result of which more and more marketers are using these platforms to build their brand and connect with potential customers. Paid advertising is also expected to increase, particularly on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as it has become all the more important after the original content to improve search engine rankings and brand building.

Curation of Content: Content Curation will be another important part of marketing strategy  that will play an important role to increase interaction with potential customers through social media this year. Marketers need to increase the relevancy of their content as users can find content according to their needs. Pinterest, and Quora are the other websites from where users find content and aggregate data.

Increase in Video Marketing: Video Marketing is another aspect of marketing which, has huge potential, but is not used that often enough. Videos can convey a message ten times more powerfully than text content. Videos are being watched lot over mobile phones and tablets these days. Along with Youtube, Facebok, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, Vine will be one tool that will become popular this year, as it allows marketers six seconds of time to market their product through a video.

Re-Marketing: Another extremely vital part of Marketing strategy this year, the objective behind this is to convert the traffic into customers. The studies show that only 2% of the first time visitors get converted into customers, so in order to reish the opportunity to make the rest 98% as potential customers, a marketer has to remarket its products and services.

To conclude, it would be fair to say that in order to grow your business, digital marketing is a must do activity with keeping the customer needs in mind. Google+ is another important thing that the marketers have to watch out for this year as google is making every effort to make it a popular social media medium.

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