Do you use Google+ for your Business?? This post is about how you can successfully create buzz and grow a community using your Google+ brand page.

From searching to finding places on Google maps, creating complete document on Google docs to listening your favorite songs on YouTube. You will find Google everywhere.

Google Cover Images

Google + have the option of uploading cover images like the one of Facebook. It is one of the creative ways to make your brand look different. Make sure to personalize it and your designer use it to the best of their creativity. Cover Images can be of the contest you are running, or you can create a cover images which talks about your services.

Google+ Hangout
Google+ Hangout can be used well for your business. It can be used to host events, webinars or seminars with unlimited amount of audiences or you can hold internal companies meetings. The most helpful feature of hangouts is that they can be linked to YouTube page, so it can be viewed by many people.

Google+ Communities
Like Facebook groups, Google+ communities are of different types; if you have a travel business then you can join a community which focuses on travel and hospitality industry. It will easily build and attract audiences to your page.
Google+ helps you to build online visibility and enable your audience to easily land up to your site. You can integrate Google maps to your page with other relevant information like contact details from your phone numbers to address.

Google+ is the most important social network for businesses and as such is something you need to embrace now if you haven’t already done so.

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