In the present scenario, we have reached a stage where we can no longer imagine life without social networking. Everyone wants to be connected to their friends, family, loved ones. In the era of fast moving technology which boasts of numerous social media tools, staying connected to your family and friends has become much easier. Before social media came into existence, people communicated through various ways with post, telegraph, telephone. But social media changed the actual meaning of communication. Now it has become a platform for doing business.

Considering the growing impact of Social Media, most of the companies are relying on it for their marketing campaigns as it is easier to connect to customers through it. Another important aspect to be pondered upon for social media is that many companies are now shifting their area of interest to become a digital media agency providing the best of internet marketing solutions.

Looking at the future prospects of social media, every corporate, SME, MSME or even a small company is now going social to sell or promote its business online.The growth of social media in our day to day lives is caught up with great significance and has hence become inevitable to imagine our lives without it. Social media has inspired the Digital industry to grow and flourish in such a way that its flooding with innumerable ideas.

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