Twitter is a social network site known for its 140 character limit marketing tactics and is one of the hardest sites to understand. To understand it completely just remember the advice of your mother, she used to give when you were young, one is to be kind and nice to people around , this is how marketing works on twitter. I have read somewhere in some articles about twitter etiquettes which I want to share it with you and generally follow up in my daily life.

To help you with I have started with few twitter manners in the below.


Give your profile a unique brand name and a brand image for the followers to follow you easily. Upload a photo of your logo image and be sure to update the same photo which you have used in the social networks with the background image.


Twitter is not for selling, just to focus on the target audience. Building trust online is the most important thing for any brand holder. Giving users what they want should be the strategy behind handling twitter marketing. Deliver only what they desire.


Trying to engage with the twitter followers in many ways like when someone followed you, you should follow them back, if someone retweeted you, you should thank them for retweeting the content it is the best way to build the social network. It easily allows the account holder to build great connection.


Use the Hashtag Marketing for generating followers and leads as the words used with the hostages is easily findable and followed by the right group of people. For example if I use the word #socialmedia, then I will get the people who have used the same words and can easily follow and connect with them.

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