No matter how bullish or bearish the stock markets are, or how innovative a company gets with its goods and services, the only requisite for a successful business is a steady Return on Investment (ROI). The recent emerging trend in the field of marketing is the motive to increase ROI with fully functional E-commerce Store.

Here are some very important ways of increasing ROI-

 Designing Effective Software Tool to Track Traffic on Webpage or Blog

The very reason to build a webpage or a blog page is to ensure maximum touch points with the customers, in addition to ensuring customer retention by keeping them interested to the products and services offered by the company. Given the high relevance of internet in today’s generation, it is only justified that such a tool is designed for tracking the online pattern of the customer, page view data, buyers’ online journey data and revenue data. A proper consolidated data will be of great importance to a marketer as it will help him in strategic decisions like which products to push or where to provide discounts and so forth.

 Pre and Post Transactional Contacts

Sometimes it becomes very important to ensure that the customer is engaged to the website or the e-store in more ways than
just during the transactional phase. For instances, many companies consist of links that divert the customer to a parallel site of possible interest to drive additional revenue. For instances, when a person is shopping on an e-retail site and has purchased a product, the website must be dynamic to assess the journey data and the purchase data to divert the customer to similar related products of interest. This kind of activity ensures that the customer traffic is sustained effectively and impulse purchase is promoted.

• Driving Traffic from Social Media Sites

Companies must be very alert and sensitive to sites with related products and services. When aware of such sites, the companies can easily ensure that the traffic from such sites is diverted to their website and e-store so as to once again build traffic and enable the process of customer attraction.

The internet is one of the most valuable resource at the disposal of a marketer. But, it is a wasteful resource if the marketers are unable to generate customer loyalty via their e-store. Attracting traffic is one part of the gameplan. The second phase is to sustain the traffic and most importantly sustain the traffic of regular customers to enable higher purchase frequency. Only when such effective strategies are in place, can a business expect to get the desired ROI from their e-store products and services.


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