In the modern era with technology changing ever so quickly, it is important to keep ourselves updated. And heres a new technological advancement that every marketer would love to explore.
Lead Generation, a major challenge for every modern marketer and it is one problem that they want to get rid of.

So no more tension as Twitter, The micro blogging site has come up with a fascinating solution with its new lead generation card. This new service is a great way to build upon your Email list.


It is a promoted form of tweet that helps your small business in a couple of ways. To begin with, it gets your business in front of a target audience for a small financial investment. Secondly, it is also very helpful in boosting your email list.

These enhanced Twitter Promoted Tweets provide the ability to capture a name, @username and email associated with a Twitter account to enhance the reach of any business. The card will have some sort of offer with users name, twitter handle, and email address pre-filled in the form which will occur after a person clicks on the card, that will be found while scrolling through twitter. All the person has to do is to submit it.

Steps to set up an account and create your first lead generation card:

  • Create a Twitter Ads Account: Sign into your Twitter account and selects Twitter Ads from the drop down menu at the top-right corner. Just fill in the few required information about your company and your credit card details.
  • Set up a Collector: Select a CRM (customer relationship management) company to collect the information. Following that, you need to fill out a few business-related forms.
  • Create a Lead Generation Card: Go to the advertising option and select cards a new card. span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>
  • Add a card image: The picture should be 600×150 pixels with a 4:1 aspect ratio.
  • Write a short description: The description should include something of value for the audience. Here are some of the examples of what generation cards generally promote. It can be a sale, offer, free downloads or sign up for a newsletter.
  • Include a call to action: Create a short call to action, such as Subscribe Now, Join us today, Download Now.
  • Link to a privacy policy: A page on your website needs to be created explaining your company`s privacy policies are and include a link to that page on the card.
  • Fill out card details: An optional link that offering more information about the campaign on the card.

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