This year, 2014 was filled with new innovations in Social Media. There were brands that made huge revenues with these trends and others who goofed up big time.

Lets take a look at trends for 2014:

  1. Twitter was a hit throughout the year. Majorly, due to millions of new accounts were opened by September, 2014 for political campaigns.
  2. $100 million was generated in a day by Flipkarts Big Billion Days campaign. It trended for many days on Twitter, a perfect way to promote their campaign among masses.
  3. Well planned PR campaigns by Bollywood celebrities such as Shehnaz Treasurywalas open letter or Deepika Padukones rift with Times of India to promote their movies.
  4. The biggest disappointment for 2014 would be Facebooks organic reach goes down. If a fan is regular on your business page, only then he would be able to see your posts. Only the highest quality content makes it to the news feed, said Mark when asked the same question in the Open House.
  5. Last but not the least, Facebooks perfect gift for the New Year was Call To Action, button for business pages. Its too early to comment on this feature but we are really excited to test this particular feature for our brands.

Social Media Trends for 2015

  1. Offline Businesses Will Join The Race: Its time for them to join the Online Marketing race and increase their business in the social space.
  2. We would want the Twitter audience to become mature and should be able to find the difference between Twitter promotions and PR campaigns.
  3. Would love to see more innovative campaigns by brands to promote their products, offers etc.
  4. With more than millions of audiences using internet through smartphones, the brands should make strategies keeping them engaged and hooked to their brands.
  5. Using social media to bring out a change in our society towards women empowerment would be an exciting thing to watch out for.

Looking forward to social media trends in 2015! If you want to add an upcoming trend to our research, feel free to leave a comment.

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