The hashtags were incepted in 2007 by Twitter, inspired by similar tags in Flicker and before. These were often termed as tag channels by most of the evangelist and the idea put to use was for “contextualization, content filtering and information-gathering tool”, for which purposes they have been a remarkable success. Hashtags on Twitter enables users to see quick updates or breaking news from people across the world.
Recently, Facebook announced its own implementation, which is already live. “When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you’ll see a feed of what other people and pages are saying about that event or topic,” says the announcement.
Though Facebook being a place where you interact with friends however, hashtags on Facebook are still significant though. The hashtags for marketing agenda are perfect for linking ads in online social-media campaigns and, in this context particularly to Facebook’s move makes sense. Considering Facebook has more than a billion active users according to its own official statements, whereas Twitter is estimated to have around 200 million active users per month, that translates to a large increase in the number of social-media participants who can easily search or click your hashtag and engage in that post.
Benefits for Marketers
Socpe: Hashtags, once restricted to lesser networks, will now benefit in discoverability and scope thanks to Facebook’s massive user population and heavy engagement.
Social listening: Akin to the fact that users can search and follow ongoing conversations, brands now can also explore and listen to users’ conversations. This will provide brands more statistics and insights into ongoing conversation about their own and competitors’ brands.
Advertising: While Facebook has not as yet revealed a relative advertising prototype around the hashtag, one can still imagine the impending prospective. This would be an influential addition for the marketers and brands target the right audience by layering current Facebook data like demographics and interests.

Henceforth, take into account the influence hashtags has, it can be without doubt said they are a powerful tool for social-media marketing and too important to be ignored in today’s technology stricken world. The launching of hashtags will take the brands and advertisers closer to their prospective customers.

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