Taylor Swift’s is becoming popular on pop charts for her new album 1989. Not just there, shes doing it right on social platforms too. Celebrities have huge fan following around the world. So, they can easily attract fans to their social networks. The 24 year old pop star has nailed it with successful social media strategies. This will benefit not only her album sales and concert tickets but her branding too.

Lets have a look at her social numbers:

Twitter – 46 Million Followers

Instagram – 13 Million Approx

Facebook – Over 70 Million Fans

She’s way ahead on her latest social media love Tumblr

She joined Tumblr last year in September but to understand what actually she did, we need to understand this social network.
Take a glimpse:

  1. A multimedia micro blogging platform: Like Facebook and Twitter, one can create and share posts and update pictures as well. Just like Twitter which allows its followers to retweet, Tumblr allows its fans to.
  2. Facebook/ Twitter are public platforms whereas Tumblr is seen by its users as community: Tumblr is different from other social media platforms as it’s a huge community where people share their interest, hobbies etc in small groups. Over the period of time, people have developed good relations with other users in the group. These smaller communities include group of users who similar interest like movies, food, music etc.
  3. One can completely customize their profile: Unlike on Facebook and Twitter, where user’s profile can be customized to a limit. But on Tumblr one can they can completely customize their profile with different themes, build their websites too.It has its own unique tagging system: The users can tag the entire sentences on Tumblr which is not available on other platforms. One can easily save tags in a drop-down list. Each social network is different from another platform. However, Tumblr is an online collage of everything that makes their personality and interests them. And many brands fails to create that personality, but Swift has done it smoothly.
  4. Here’s what Taylor Swift did:She was quite open to learn Tumblr and asked for help: Unlike other celebrities, who showcase themselves as experts. Taylor was honest and asked for help from other users. She has sent the following message to her fans.
  5. And when the community started responding – She reblogged another user with few more questions such as how to reblog, how to use GIF etc
  6. She embraces the community: Once she has understood the scenario, she is frequent with her reblogs, sharing content, pictures with her fans, responding to their queries etc. She holds the community as one hand and loves interacting with them. She is not afraid to get personal with her fans: This is the best thing that one should learn from this pop star i.e she is transparent with her fans. She doesnt feel shy to share fun content, personal things with her fans.Her blog is simple and easy to understand: As mentioned above, one can easily customize the profile on Tumblr. Mostly, the users spend a lot of time to customize their dashboards which nobody can see. But Swift just highlighted the clean layout, simple blog, the background is the most recent album cover and links of her social networks.
  7. Why is it so important? Because Swift uses the community to interact, share personal things and then provides them links from where they can purchase album. She has built a trust factor with her audience by keeping everything in front of them. It doesno’t feel like an advertisement place but gives a feel of genuine and authentic community.
  8. If you want to win the race and not follow other brands, this is the place for you. Just make it simple (as Taylor did), funny and interactive and your fans would love it. Don’t follow other brands and share content that relates to your brand (make sure it’s genuine) and you can win the race.

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