How well can we define human psychology? To some it might be the study of human behavior clinically, while for some it might be the study of human feelings scientifically. I believe human psychology is much more complicated than we consider it to be, and why not?We are humans…On top of the food chain!However, there are certain aspects from our daily routine that have the ability to alter or atleast affect our psychology to a minimal extent and website design technology is also one of them.

The question is if website design does have some effects on human conscience then how a businessman can mold the same to his own benefit? In this blog I will try to unveil this sophisticated question in the simplest manner.

Human brain is more of a pocket wonder wherein unimaginable limits of data can be stored and it is this human brain that recognizes certain web design factors.For instance, you can easily make out a sensible word out of jumbled letters. Moreover,in some sense human thinking and mindset have always been involved in the process of web design, because one doesn’t dare to design a website that seems unappealing to the target visitor.

“And…Then came the website!!!”

The advent of modernization and technology actually gifted us with ‘website’, which proved to be a crucial marketing tool for modern commerce. Websites not only lowered the entry level barrier for start-ups and small business units alike, but it also offered a new breed of target audience, who are known as the smart users. When we say affecting human psychology, I actually mean the website design elements that somehow visibly appeal to the masses.

Website factors that actually affect us:

Colors: Even studies have proved that colors do have some impact on humans, irrespective of age. Some light colors have a pleasant impact whereas dark colors signify a much deeper impression. If we take a look at the practical implications of colors in real life scenarios then we will note that professional websites mostly follow a simple color scheme and ecommerce portals do follow a bright theme that speaks out loud. A medical website should follow a soothing theme as the people browsing the website are likely to be confused and a bit worried.


Content Size: Some habits hardly die! Most of us will agree with me on the fact that when as a child, we were mostly attracted to texts that were bigger in size. This fundamental is used even today like large headlines in newspapers or even website headers, just to grab the attention of a target visitor.


Image and Content: Image and content are an integral part of website user interface, which is why they should be maintained in an equal proportion. Content is often considered to be the uncrowned king of the web world, but in case of modern marketing we need to have apt images that can support the content of a website. We need to maintain a healthy level of synchronization between text and image on a website, so that a visitor takes notice of the website

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