Social media since its inception has been an animal that is difficult to tame for the only reason that it is not steady and is constantly changing with time every second. The speed with which social media sphere is enlarging is beyond control and for the same reason, it is important to stay abreast with the latest and be prepared for the future. Match if your marketing strategies are great enough to fight the competition and watch out these social media trends to watch out for in 2016!

1. In-The-Moment Posts The future is ready to be more inclined towards In-The-Moment posts that will dominate the social media. There is no denying the fact that today the brands are updating and trying to be in the moment but with the social media platforms like PeriScope, now acquired by Twitter, In-The-Moment has a new defination. This one app is the talk of the town where you may stream live videos on android and iOS to save on time in shooting the video and then uploading the same. PeriScope proves to save on unnecessary efforts and be more In-The-Moment. Welcome Immediacy in a new light in 2016. This application has over 40 years of videos being watched per day. Yes, it is this big!


2. Buy Buttons will Rule the Roost With Facebook and Pinterest being the major players in the market of selling products either through ads or through product imagery, the ease with which the customers can get to shop a product at a single click are and will make Buy Buttons a major property. It is being predicated that in 2016, most of the brands will bring in some Buy Now option naturally in their advertising campaigns.


3.Mobile and Ecommerce will be on a Rise With everything online and Social media being the biggest marketing tool with the brands, mobile shopping and ecommerce will reach new heights with new features and moderations that are planned by the major players to be released in 2016!


4. Social Media Platforms will not be the same Looking at the recent developments being made by key players in the social media circle, social media platforms will have more than what they have today in 2016. With Facebook launching the auto video play option on scroll and Instant Article, the rivalries are planning to dig out something great soon!


5. A Lot More Platforms will Come Up With the greater competition in the digital space, a lot more platforms are anticipated to come up and release in 2016. The smaller platforms have always been there and will be there and may not bag a name for themselves but will always stay and never die down. Who knows these become a threat in near future?


All of these anticipations are for the companies to benefit and to invest more in this world of wonders in itself that is known as Social Media Space. These trends have been on a rise and are bound to gain momentum in 2016. The brands should watch out and plan out their marketing strategies likewise.

Coz a Stitch in Time Saves Nine!

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