Does the gif photo uploads and auto play video options being offered by Facebook excite you? Add on to the much awaited feature that is now live Facebook Live. This new feature works in time with Facebook and lets you share everything real time. With this exciting feature released recently by Facebook, you can bring the videos you share on Facebook to life with live video, to help our friends and family feel being in the moment with you.

Facebook Live will help the users to record and broadcast live events with prospective clients or customers and family and friends. Another interesting thing with this amazing new feature is that once the live streaming is over, the live stream automatically becomes a video and gets stored as a regular video.

Is broadcasting live on your agenda? Then wait for this feature presented by Facebook to roll on every screen and change the way your business target audiences react to them. To get started all you need to do it to click on the Update Status button and select Live Video Button with a description about the event and select the target audiences to the stream. To top it all, through your personal profile, you will be able to see who all are watching the live stream from your friends and family.

Also, to get live feeds from the people you adore either from the brands or your pals, you just have to subscribe them!

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