Domain owners are not aware of whether they own their domains or are using it as long as their service provider (website design company) keeps their site working and emails running, it doesn’t matter.
Think again, tomorrow when you would want to move away from the agency to another agency; that’s when you will be held at ransom and figure out, all these years you have been using the domain but it was practically owned by your vendor. Incomplete knowledge of the service provider could also be the reason at times; don’t panic, just ensure that if the registrant details are not yours, get it changed immediately and breathe a sigh of relief.
To check the ownership, you could visit or check on all registrar’s website under whois section. Check that the Registrant details and Administrator’s email ID should be of your company. Secondly the admin email ID should never be of the same domain always try for your (Managing Directors) personal ID on one of the free platforms like gmail/ hotmail/ yahoo/ rediffmail should be used; as this is the kept to all changes on your account.
e.g. Your registrant details are there but the admin ID is of your service provider; if you ever get into trouble; registrars will help you if you approach them with application on your letterhead with address mentioned in the registrant’s column of your whois record.
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